Don’t Pay Tithe To The Church – Huddah Monroe Advises

A Kenya socialite and entrepreneur Huddah Monroe, has advised her followers not to pay tithe to the church again but rather give it to the poor and needy in society. That is where the blessing is. Churches this days turns to misuse the hard earned money collected from the poor people.

She said this after donating a huge amount of money to a dev astated woman whose husband had left her and the kids to fend for themselves while he moved in with another woman. The story touched her heart and as a cheerful giver, she reached out to the woman.

According to Huddah, the act of giving to the poor and the needy is her way of paying tithe. She would not pay tithe to a well established church, pastor or an organization to be misused.

She advised her followers to follow her way of paying tithe by giving to the people who truly need it.

See image below;

Huddah Monroe



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